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The Sum Of All Tiers

Or: You are tiering me apart Lisa. Modern tournament Blood Bowl has become something of a trail of tiers, so popular have bonus skill packages for the weaker teams become. But what exactly what are we trying to achieve? As far as I have seen it described the problem tiers are trying to solve is one […]

Purplegoo Plays… Cam Dub VI

CamDub VI (Warning. Image may not depict Blood Bowlers or Blood Bowl venue.) There may be a slightly different feel to my blog this month, as the weekend of 24 / 25 Nov. was the sixth running of Cambridge Double Trouble (‘Cam Dub’). I both co-organised and played in the event, so hopefully this column […]

Zenobian Zenith – Update 30th November

Today is the last day of the campaign. As it stands, the funding total is a little under £9k meaning the project is funded, and we can produce a bunch of great add-ons and stretch goals. There’s still time for more stretch goals to be unlocked. Thanks again for anyone who has like or shared […]

Double Skull Podcast Ep25

All new Double Skulls Podcast. This time Dan and Johnny discuss the latest GW releases, Eurobowl 2018, Stranglebowl and all sorts of other Blood Bowl nonsense. Johnny does his (in)famous David Bowie impression as well. Probably worth a listen just for that. (ed – or not).

Zenobian Zeniths update 15th November

Thank you for all your support so far, we’re getting closer and closer to being funded and with your help are looking to reach 100% sooner rather than later, and beyond! Our new add-ons from earlier this week proved popular and have added a healthy bump to the funding progress. To that end, we have […]

What’s The Play? #7

Here we go again! We are back and making a half-hearted attempt to produce these on a more than annual basis. As ever the name of the game is just to post what you would do in the situation above. You are the Chaos Dwarf coach, just about to start the 3rd turn of the […]

Painting Competition!

Hello fine people. In conjunction with the dastadly duo of JBone and DeeferDan at the Double Skulls podcast, we are running a Blood Bowl Team painting competition. Take some pictures of those great teams that we know that you have and you can win another!   Listen to their latest podcast where they discuss the […]


Schlice over at Nufflytics has produced some wonderful visualistions using the new glicko ratings. This shows your progress tracking both your μ (the peak of the curve), and your φ (the distribution) over time. These multi-dimensional visualisations are not easy to make in a way that is both accurate and looks nice. Schlice does a great […]

Purplegoo Plays… Dungeonbowl 2018

The Dungeonbowl Germany. Home of the penalty shoot-out victory. The Black Forest. Oktoberfest. The winner of the coveted ‘Greatest Haircut Since the Dawn of Time’ competition. Most importantly of all, Germany (Düsseldorf, to be precise) is the home of the Dungeonbowl. Rudi Voller. He also won the World Cup, I think, but that’s less important. […]