Ahzek’s UKTC 2020 Report

Ahzek is a regular player at the London based ECBBL league. He’s also a doctor currently on the front line fighting coronavirus, but describes playing Blood Bowl as a lot more stressful. Here is his tournament report for the UK Team Challenge back in January (posted super late because of me sorry!) – Wulfyn.   […]

Purplegoo Plays… COSH Team Tournament 1

I’ve gone by many names. Purplegoo is the one that you may know me by, and to be honest it’s becoming increasingly embarrassing that you do as 40 approaches. Phil, sure. Philip, hello mum / Paul Gegg. Nicole! Yes, I saw that ad too, you’re the first person to make that joke. Idiot, of course. […]

Purplegoo Plays… Geordiebowl XI

Geordiebowl XI (cripes – that is a big image! Blimey, WordPress. Go home, you’re drunk…) Howay, man, pet. Down the Grove later, like? Gonna be a propa Bobby dazzler. PJ, my eyes, fog on the Tyne. Och aye the noo. I would love it (love it) if any of that passage made sense to me. […]

Purplegoo Plays… Dungeonbowl 2019

Dungeonbowl 2019 This month, for the eighth time, I made the usually uneventful journey to Dusseldorf for the Dungeonbowl. I say usually, there was a year where Dave Downes (acting as chauffer, pilot and maniac) decided to play chicken with a tram in his car full of petrified nerds, but we don’t talk about that […]

Purplegoo Plays… REVA Once

REVA Once In 138 BC, two events of international note took place. Firstly, Lycos held a phenomenal 21st birthday party still spoken about with great reverence today. Then, once the hangovers had cleared, a (probably) Roman chap named Decimus Junius Brutus founded Valencia. The reasoning for this is not clear (or: I stopped reading the Valencia […]

Joemanji Jaunts to … Waterbowl XIV

[I hope you will pardon me for this perfidious and pleonastic plundering of the performative alliteration of the Purplegoo’s progression of purported plays.] This weekend past on the 16th and 17th February 2019 was the 14th edition of the Waterbowl tournament, hosted and run by the elegant and erudite Alex Wormal aka Leipziger. Traditionally one […]

Purplegoo Plays… Cam Dub VI

CamDub VI (Warning. Image may not depict Blood Bowlers or Blood Bowl venue.) There may be a slightly different feel to my blog this month, as the weekend of 24 / 25 Nov. was the sixth running of Cambridge Double Trouble (‘Cam Dub’). I both co-organised and played in the event, so hopefully this column […]