Sideline Cages and Surfing: A Primer

In Blood Bowl, one of the first tactics most players are introduced to is the cage, and for good reason, because it’s one of the most effective ways of safeguarding the ball while advancing down the field.  However, often the match situation doesn’t allow for a controlled grind, be it through lack of time or […]

Long Feint Tactic

Do you need a spark to fire up your offensive? Long feints can help you destabilize your opponent’s defensive equilibrium and open the way to your breakthrough. It even has some merits against a very skillful coach since it is then a kind of pressure that could persuade him to move resources he would otherwise […]

Basic Defensive & Offensive Setups

Hello Blood Bowlers! I have been asked a couple of times about basic setups, and so this brief article will demonstrate a few of these for those who might find them useful. All these will need to be adapted slightly for the particular team you might be using, but the general principles discussed will be […]

What’s The Play? #8

You know the drill by now! Just take a look at the snapshot from a game above and let us know what you would do in this situation. You are the Chaos Dwarf coach about to take your first turn. The Dark Elves have spilled the ball, how much pressure can you put them under? […]

What’s The Play? #7

Here we go again! We are back and making a half-hearted attempt to produce these on a more than annual basis. As ever the name of the game is just to post what you would do in the situation above. You are the Chaos Dwarf coach, just about to start the 3rd turn of the […]

Offensive Drive Pt3 – Covering Back

A key aspect of the game is momentum. Players who are knocked down cannot hit back, meaning they often stand up and get hit again. Players who are knocked down lose 3 squares of movement meaning that even if they are left free they often cannot get back to defend. You only get one blitz […]

AndyDavo’s guide to Tabletop

    Hello! That man AndyDavo, Dark Elf extraordinaire of Twitch tv superstardom has been rather busy on his YouTube channel recently with some excellent guides. One of the things I really like about his YT and Twitch channel is how he is so free and open with discussing his thought process. It’s one thing […]

Offensive Drive Pt2 – Anti-Blitz

Introduction We all know that feeling. You finally get off work after a long week and arrive bright and early on a Saturday morning to a tournament. This is going to be a great weekend! You’ve said hi to your friends and traded old stories from years gone past. You sit down and get out […]

Offensive Drive Pt1 – Diagonal Blocking

Introduction One of the most interesting parts of the game for me, tactically, are the setups. A lot of this derives from my love of chess and the need to study opening positions. Blood Bowl is a far more complex game than chess (having a far greater number of possible moves multiplied by the random […]

What’s The Play #6

  Welcome to another episode of What’s The Play. As always just tell us what you would do in the situation pictured. This time you are the Skaven coach, and although you find yourself 1-0 up, at the start of your turn your ball carrier is in no fewer than four opposing tackle zones! How […]