Zenobian Zeniths update 8th Nov

To celebrate hitting 70% funded we’ve added two new social stretch goals All you need to do is like and share these two posts. When each one reaches 200 likes and shares, it’ll unlock the miniature pictured!o fantasy football team Kickstarter campaign would be complete without a Kicker and a dirty player or always useful […]

Zenobian Zeniths Update 1st November

The project is now live and is past the 25% mark! B. has completed the concept art for all published stretch goals. You can now view all of the concept art for the star players on the Kickstarter Campaign page. B. is now working on some extras which we’ll share over the coming days. Tom […]


As you may have read last week, our Kickstarter campaign launches on Halloween! We’ll be launching at 6 pm GMT. We’re trying to arrange a live twitch stream with The Tackle Zone to cover the launch where we’ll discuss the progress of the project, and you’ll be able to ask questions.  The last of the […]


The final 3D prints for the team of 16 are on their way to me to be photographed for the Kickstarter before being sent to Griffin Moulds. B. is working on the Star players as well as some additional artwork which we think you’ll love. If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ll have some […]

Painting Competition Winners!

Hello Blood Bowl fans! Back in the depths of time we announced that we were running a painting competition on our artwork section of this website. We had a fantastic response with the standard of quality just through the roof. I am very happy with my decisions to have five winners and also to pass […]

Zenobian Zeniths – 10th Oct Update

The last sculpt of the team of sixteen is now done, and the 3D print files have been sent to Printmakr, I should receive these early next week. In the meantime, I’ve been busy preparing the Kickstarter campaign page. I’ve been photographing miniatures to include on the page so you can all see what you’ll […]

Zenobian Zeniths, an all-female FF team

Amazons are great fun to play and deceptively strong, but the choice of miniatures for these teams is relatively limited. And so for the past couple of months, I’ve been working on creating one. I’ve focused on creating a diverse and interesting team which offers something different to what’s already available. Not only are there […]

How to make a Sevens Board

Making a Bloodbowl 7s Board Sevens fever seems to be sweeping the country with tournaments and mini leagues popping up all over. So far the only known cure for this epidemic is not having a suitable board to play on, and masking tape just doesn’t cut it. After offering to make some boards for the […]

Making the Stadium

The background for the website uses a custom built stadium to create the picture of a game being played, and here’s how I made it! Now to start with a confession: as I knew this was just going to be for a picture from one angle as a one time thing the stadium is both […]

Game Table Blog

There’s one thing that every tabletop gamer would love as a gift, a fancy gaming table. It’s not usually something you’d probably think is attainable, but every once in a while, the gaming gods will smile on you. That’s what I thought had happened last Christmas, but it was just the start of a much […]