What’s The Play? #5

Hello and welcome to the first What’s The Play? at our new home of The Tackle Zone! The premise is simpler than a Stone Troll’s playbook – tell us what you would do in the situation pictured below. The score is 0-0; you are the Amazon team and it is the start of your second […]

Your first Blood Bowl tournament

Myself (and Merrick) at Elflympics. Think this was about four GFIs into his spot prize-winning ten GFIs attempt!   Introduction I was really honoured to be invited to write an article for about advice for new tournament coaches… is how I’d like to start this article. Unfortunately, I wasn’t asked, I just figured, a few tournaments in, […]

Purplegoo Plays… the UKTC

Introduction So what’s this all about, then? I suppose I feel that as newly installed NAF Tournament Director (TD), I should be talking about tournaments. Well, SHOUTING about tournaments. There are two parts to that; firstly I want to talk about tournament stuff; updates the NAF make to improve your tournament experience, great work being done […]

First NAF tournament creation

I suppose this is as good a place as any for me to chronicle my foray into running an NAF sanctioned Blood Bowl tournament. This being the week of the tournament, it isn’t going to be a play by play as much as a recollection and then maybe a place for me to post pictures […]

Making the Stadium

The background for the website uses a custom built stadium to create the picture of a game being played, and here’s how I made it! Now to start with a confession: as I knew this was just going to be for a picture from one angle as a one time thing the stadium is both […]

Game Table Blog

There’s one thing that every tabletop gamer would love as a gift, a fancy gaming table. It’s not usually something you’d probably think is attainable, but every once in a while, the gaming gods will smile on you. That’s what I thought had happened last Christmas, but it was just the start of a much […]