Purplegoo Plays… Waterbowl 2018

The Waterbowl In the UK, the month of February is illuminated by all things Waterbowl. From humble beginnings in the local bookstore (Waterstones, hence the league name), Manchester’s finest have come a long way. Now, a 50 strong league meet fortnightly in the North West Gaming Centre (NWGC) to fight it out for Lancastrian dominance. […]

What’s The Play? #5

Hello and welcome to the first What’s The Play? at our new home of The Tackle Zone! The premise is simpler than a Stone Troll’s playbook – tell us what you would do in the situation pictured below. The score is 0-0; you are the Amazon team and it is the start of your second […]

Your first Blood Bowl tournament

Myself (and Merrick) at Elflympics. Think this was about four GFIs into his spot prize-winning ten GFIs attempt!   Introduction I was really honoured to be invited to write an article for about advice for new tournament coaches… is how I’d like to start this article. Unfortunately, I wasn’t asked, I just figured, a few tournaments in, […]

Purplegoo Plays… the UKTC

Introduction So what’s this all about, then? I suppose I feel that as newly installed NAF Tournament Director (TD), I should be talking about tournaments. Well, SHOUTING about tournaments. There are two parts to that; firstly I want to talk about tournament stuff; updates the NAF make to improve your tournament experience, great work being done […]

Tackle Zones Pt2 – Screening

Introduction In the first article of this series we took a look at how tackle zones help when tagging and marking opposition players. But we also saw how tackle zones denied the other coach space for their team to move into, by making the chance of their players moving into that space very low. In […]

First NAF tournament creation

I suppose this is as good a place as any for me to chronicle my foray into running an NAF sanctioned Blood Bowl tournament. This being the week of the tournament, it isn’t going to be a play by play as much as a recollection and then maybe a place for me to post pictures […]

Tackle Zones Pt1 – Marking

Introduction Hello, and welcome to the first of my series of articles on positioning. One of the things I love about the game (other than smashing up Elves) is the combination it has between spatial positioning and risk calculation. Being good at working out the odds of a play working is a great advantage, but […]

Making the Stadium

The background for the website uses a custom built stadium to create the picture of a game being played, and here’s how I made it! Now to start with a confession: as I knew this was just going to be for a picture from one angle as a one time thing the stadium is both […]

Game Table Blog

There’s one thing that every tabletop gamer would love as a gift, a fancy gaming table. It’s not usually something you’d probably think is attainable, but every once in a while, the gaming gods will smile on you. That’s what I thought had happened last Christmas, but it was just the start of a much […]