Tilean Team Cup 2018 Report

Introduction The Tilean Team Cup is an annual tournament that matches up the very best teams in Italy. At stake is hosting rights for the next one, and so naturally teams are formed from players from the same clubs to win the fame and prestige of being the group that brought it home. Luckily for […]

What’s The Play #6

  Welcome to another episode of What’s The Play. As always just tell us what you would do in the situation pictured. This time you are the Skaven coach, and although you find yourself 1-0 up, at the start of your turn your ball carrier is in no fewer than four opposing tackle zones! How […]

Which Bits Are Best To Buy When You Need To Buy Bits?

Or, which is better: Fan Factor or Coaches/Cheerleaders.     Ah, the age old question that has been troubling Blood Bowl coaches since the dawn of time, or at least 1993 when Third Edition was released: What shall I do with this 10K I have left over? I have spent many a sleepless night a-pondering […]

Purplegoo Plays… PalinkaBowl 3

PalinkaBowl 3 NAFC Preamble This month, in an attempt to further broaden my BB horizons (and also to have a lovely holiday), I traveled to Budapest with five British chums to play in the third PalinkaBowl. But, hang on, I hear you muttering, wasn’t this the month of the NAF Championship? I’m sure many of […]

Purplegoo Plays… Monkeybowl XIII

Monkeybowl XIII (I couldn’t find the MB logo online, so please accept a shot of the Watermonkey trophy: awarded to the best placed coach across the Waterbowl and Monkeybowl every year) The Monkeybowl is one of the UK’s big fish. Brendan (Pipey, the TO) claims that the MB was the first NAF tournament to introduce […]

Painting Competition!

Hello fine people. In conjunction with the dastadly duo of JBone and DeeferDan at the Double Skulls podcast, we are running a Blood Bowl Team painting competition. Take some pictures of those great teams that we know that you have and you can win another!   Listen to their latest podcast where they discuss the […]

Tackle Zones Pt3 – Assisting

Welcome to the third part of my tactical series discussing the namesake of this website – tackle zones! Here we take an in depth look from first principles at the most important aspect of the game, understanding and exploiting the space in the field. As a quick recap:   In Part 1 we looked at […]


Schlice over at Nufflytics has produced some wonderful visualistions using the new glicko ratings. This shows your progress tracking both your μ (the peak of the curve), and your φ (the distribution) over time. These multi-dimensional visualisations are not easy to make in a way that is both accurate and looks nice. Schlice does a great […]

Glicko – rankings explained

Introduction The NAF has just recently started using the Glicko tournament ranking system developed by Mark Glickman, and implemented by Nick Harding (mubo). This rating method has become very popular over the last few years as an upgrade to the ELO ranking system, which is the one that the NAF have been using to date. […]

Purplegoo Plays… Dungeonbowl 2018

The Dungeonbowl Germany. Home of the penalty shoot-out victory. The Black Forest. Oktoberfest. The winner of the coveted ‘Greatest Haircut Since the Dawn of Time’ competition. Most importantly of all, Germany (Düsseldorf, to be precise) is the home of the Dungeonbowl. Rudi Voller. He also won the World Cup, I think, but that’s less important. […]