EDF Eurobowl Review – Pt3

Continuation of our our translation of the French captain’s review of the Eurobowl 2018 teams. Now we head into the top 10 even greater analysis is provided. Will make all us stats nerds weep with joy! This article is for the next 4 teams on the list: Wales, Switzerland, Denmark, and Scotland.   10. Wales […]


As you may have read last week, our Kickstarter campaign launches on Halloween! We’ll be launching at 6 pm GMT. We’re trying to arrange a live twitch stream with The Tackle Zone to cover the launch where we’ll discuss the progress of the project, and you’ll be able to ask questions.  The last of the […]

EDF Eurobowl Review – Pt2

This is the second part of the EDF’s preview of Eurobowl 2018. The EDF is the French organisation representing hundreds of coaches. Galanthil, the French captain, is writing these daily on their website so if you can speak French or know how to use google translate and cannot wait for these packaged up articles then go […]


The final 3D prints for the team of 16 are on their way to me to be photographed for the Kickstarter before being sent to Griffin Moulds. B. is working on the Star players as well as some additional artwork which we think you’ll love. If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ll have some […]

EDF Eurobowl Review – Pt1

Hi everyone! The EDF is the French Eurobowl group who organise the formation of their team to send. This year Galanthil (@Galanthil) won the captaincy and is writing up a series about how each team may fare in the big competition that is now just 2 weeks away! These are being posted up daily on […]

Painting Competition Winners!

Hello Blood Bowl fans! Back in the depths of time we announced that we were running a painting competition on our artwork section of this website. We had a fantastic response with the standard of quality just through the roof. I am very happy with my decisions to have five winners and also to pass […]

Zenobian Zeniths – 10th Oct Update

The last sculpt of the team of sixteen is now done, and the 3D print files have been sent to Printmakr, I should receive these early next week. In the meantime, I’ve been busy preparing the Kickstarter campaign page. I’ve been photographing miniatures to include on the page so you can all see what you’ll […]

Offensive Drive Pt3 – Covering Back

A key aspect of the game is momentum. Players who are knocked down cannot hit back, meaning they often stand up and get hit again. Players who are knocked down lose 3 squares of movement meaning that even if they are left free they often cannot get back to defend. You only get one blitz […]

Eurobowl 2018 Coverage

We’re very pleased to announce that we will be live streaming from Cardiff for Eurobowl 2018! In addition to that we’ll have the live draw as well as a preview show talking about how we think everyone will get on. All the info can be found in the video. The streams will be on and please […]