What’s The Play? #7

Here we go again! We are back and making a half-hearted attempt to produce these on a more than annual basis. As ever the name of the game is just to post what you would do in the situation above. You are the Chaos Dwarf coach, just about to start the 3rd turn of the […]

Zenobian Zeniths Update 1st November

The project is now live and is past the 25% mark! B. has completed the concept art for all published stretch goals. You can now view all of the concept art for the star players on the Kickstarter Campaign page. B. is now working on some extras which we’ll share over the coming days. Tom […]

Europen Team Review

Wotfudboy has written up about his time at the Europen. Joining two friends in a team of 3 they entered into the sister competition of the Eurobowl in Cardiff at the weekend:     When Howlinggriffon (Darren) and Mr_Frodo (Andrew) asked me to fill a gap in their Team Redshirts Europen squad I was both […]

EDF Eurobowl Review – Top 3

And to the final part of our Eurobowl guide – the top 3 ranked teams:   3. France (223.41) History and winners: Present from the very first Eurobowl in 2003, France then played a few times in the middle of the table, before starting its ascent to become a major nation of the Eurobowl, the […]