Ahzek’s UKTC 2020 Report

Ahzek is a regular player at the London based ECBBL league. He’s also a doctor currently on the front line fighting coronavirus, but describes playing Blood Bowl as a lot more stressful. Here is his tournament report for the UK Team Challenge back in January (posted super late because of me sorry!) – Wulfyn.   […]

Purplegoo Plays… COSH Team Tournament 1

I’ve gone by many names. Purplegoo is the one that you may know me by, and to be honest it’s becoming increasingly embarrassing that you do as 40 approaches. Phil, sure. Philip, hello mum / Paul Gegg. Nicole! Yes, I saw that ad too, you’re the first person to make that joke. Idiot, of course. […]

Foodbowl 2019 Report

(Wulfyn) A few months ago I was contacted by Mohammed Javaid (thatasianguy) asking if we would be interested in sponsoring his event. Not only was this a good opportunity to help spread the word of the website but when we found out a little more about what Mohammed had in mind we were certain we […]

New Khemri Playbook

Most urban legends say that Khemris are bashy and lethal with their four Tomb Guardians. That they can dish out plenty of casualties but that they have trouble picking up the ball, let alone moving it. If we listen to some more stories, it seems a Khemri coach should consider himself lucky to score a […]

The seven ages of Dwarf coaches

This poem by our resident Dwarf-hater Bob Kitchen, is an ode to the seven styles of Dwarf player that he encounters. Please note his biased position, and that this is a parody article meant for fun. And Dwarf hating.   All the world’s a Dwarf, And all the men and women merely Coaches; They have […]

TackleZone Star Divisions – Season 1 Results & Info

TackleZone Star Divisions is a BB2 league. 48 of the best coaches in the world and MarzM are competing for fame and glory and a £100 top prize. The players are divided into 8 groups, all named after a Blood Bowl legend. Each coach will play each other coach once in a round robin with […]

Purplegoo Plays… Geordiebowl XI

Geordiebowl XI (cripes – that is a big image! Blimey, WordPress. Go home, you’re drunk…) Howay, man, pet. Down the Grove later, like? Gonna be a propa Bobby dazzler. PJ, my eyes, fog on the Tyne. Och aye the noo. I would love it (love it) if any of that passage made sense to me. […]

TZ Star Divisions : New BB2 League

Hello everyone – and I am here with the first article in a good while! I’ve spent the summer making some changes to expand the site so that now we have a dedicated news and guide section to split apart the articles. Also added is a list of my favourite podcasts and vodcasts (please suggest […]

Purplegoo Plays… NAF Champs 2019

NAFC 2019 For those that have been living under a rock for the past sixteen years, let me quickly bring you up to speed with the important events as I remember them. The United States of America are now governed by benevolent dictator, prominent Buddhist and inventor of temperature, Taylor Swift. Racism is a thing […]

To stall or not to stall

To stall, or not to stall; that is the question: Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer The zings and pows of outrageous fortune, Or to take claw against a sea of elves And by opposing end them? To block: to skull; No reroll; and by a skull to say we end The heart-ache […]