First time Blood Bowling Abroad… and why you need to give it a go too!

Blood Bowl tournaments… They all have little nuances and rules variances to give them something of a USP, but ultimately they’re all pretty much the same aren’t they? So what’s the point in going to the expense of travelling abroad to play with toy soldiers? Surely that’s just an unnecessary expense, right?  WRONG!!!   In […]

Offensive Drive Pt2 – Anti-Blitz

Introduction We all know that feeling. You finally get off work after a long week and arrive bright and early on a Saturday morning to a tournament. This is going to be a great weekend! You’ve said hi to your friends and traded old stories from years gone past. You sit down and get out […]

Purplegoo Plays… Bilbao Teams Cup III

III Bilbali Teams Cup. Memorial Aitor You’ll get used to this logo… In July of 2017, four intrepid English souls took a trip to the Basque country (absolutely not Spain!) to participate in the second Bilbao Teams Cup (BTC). It’s fair to say that it knocked our socks off, and we banged on about it for twelve […]

Offensive Drive Pt1 – Diagonal Blocking

Introduction One of the most interesting parts of the game for me, tactically, are the setups. A lot of this derives from my love of chess and the need to study opening positions. Blood Bowl is a far more complex game than chess (having a far greater number of possible moves multiplied by the random […]

How to make a Sevens Board

Making a Bloodbowl 7s Board Sevens fever seems to be sweeping the country with tournaments and mini leagues popping up all over. So far the only known cure for this epidemic is not having a suitable board to play on, and masking tape just doesn’t cut it. After offering to make some boards for the […]

Blood Bowl 7s

For many people the summer means it is time to put aside the regular format of the game and switch over to some Blood Bowl 7s. This speedy variant is fast paced and action packed. The image above shows a slimmed down BB7s board – you’ll notice it has smaller dimensions and no line of […]

Tilean Team Cup 2018 Report

Introduction The Tilean Team Cup is an annual tournament that matches up the very best teams in Italy. At stake is hosting rights for the next one, and so naturally teams are formed from players from the same clubs to win the fame and prestige of being the group that brought it home. Luckily for […]

What’s The Play #6

  Welcome to another episode of What’s The Play. As always just tell us what you would do in the situation pictured. This time you are the Skaven coach, and although you find yourself 1-0 up, at the start of your turn your ball carrier is in no fewer than four opposing tackle zones! How […]

Which Bits Are Best To Buy When You Need To Buy Bits?

Or, which is better: Fan Factor or Coaches/Cheerleaders.     Ah, the age old question that has been troubling Blood Bowl coaches since the dawn of time, or at least 1993 when Third Edition was released: What shall I do with this 10K I have left over? I have spent many a sleepless night a-pondering […]

Purplegoo Plays… PalinkaBowl 3

PalinkaBowl 3 NAFC Preamble This month, in an attempt to further broaden my BB horizons (and also to have a lovely holiday), I traveled to Budapest with five British chums to play in the third PalinkaBowl. But, hang on, I hear you muttering, wasn’t this the month of the NAF Championship? I’m sure many of […]