Purplegoo Plays… The NAF Chamionship 2019

NAFC 2019 For those that have been living under a rock for the past sixteen years, let me quickly bring you up to speed with the important events as I remember them. The United States of America are now governed by benevolent dictator, prominent Buddhist and inventor of temperature, Taylor Swift. Racism is a thing […]

Greebo launches their Lizardmen, Amazon & Slann Kickstarter

If you’re not in a hurry, Greebo is releasing some very nice Blood Bowl miniatures on Kickstarter… and they’re already funded! For this project, the company cut the number of stretch goals and chose instead to release some Kickstarter exclusive miniatures included in the basic perks. Those who pledge will have a team made of […]

To stall or not to stall

To stall, or not to stall; that is the question: Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer The zings and pows of outrageous fortune, Or to take claw against a sea of elves And by opposing end them? To block: to skull; No reroll; and by a skull to say we end The heart-ache […]

A Lean, Mean, Screening Machine

Hello! My name is Aaramus and I’d like to talk to you about our defensive lord and saviour… no not Nuffle!…Screening! It’s a little more complex than basing, but it can have a very high pay off when used effectively, essentially making it nearly impossible for the opponent to score in some situations. As with marking, […]

Guildball Hemel Tourny

Introduction This year we’re looking to branch out from just focusing on Blood Bowl to explore other amazing games. Guild Ball is a game that I have been playing for a number of years casually, using the prize vouchers from my first Blood Bowl tournament win to buy the season 1 rulebook. As the game […]

Purplegoo Plays… Dungeonbowl 2019

Dungeonbowl 2019 This month, for the eighth time, I made the usually uneventful journey to Dusseldorf for the Dungeonbowl. I say usually, there was a year where Dave Downes (acting as chauffer, pilot and maniac) decided to play chicken with a tram in his car full of petrified nerds, but we don’t talk about that […]

Sideline Cages and Surfing: A Primer

In Blood Bowl, one of the first tactics most players are introduced to is the cage, and for good reason, because it’s one of the most effective ways of safeguarding the ball while advancing down the field.  However, often the match situation doesn’t allow for a controlled grind, be it through lack of time or […]

Long Feint Tactic

Do you need a spark to fire up your offensive? Long feints can help you destabilize your opponent’s defensive equilibrium and open the way to your breakthrough. It even has some merits against a very skillful coach since it is then a kind of pressure that could persuade him to move resources he would otherwise […]

Purplegoo Plays… REVA Once

REVA Once In 138 BC, two events of international note took place. Firstly, Lycos held a phenomenal 21st birthday party still spoken about with great reverence today. Then, once the hangovers had cleared, a (probably) Roman chap named Decimus Junius Brutus founded Valencia. The reasoning for this is not clear (or: I stopped reading the Valencia […]

Basic Defensive & Offensive Setups

Hello Blood Bowlers! I have been asked a couple of times about basic setups, and so this brief article will demonstrate a few of these for those who might find them useful. All these will need to be adapted slightly for the particular team you might be using, but the general principles discussed will be […]