Undead: Ostland Golden Vultures

Posted by Dinotitanedition on 16th May 2018


The Ostland Golden Vultures were formerly known as the Bohsenfeld Ravens. When they died in a rockslide the necromancer “Mad” Dan didn`t want the “premium material” go to waste. But as he didn`t understand much of coaching, he had to hire another coach. Somebody who understood something about the game. Luckyly for him ex-player Durbuz, an orc who got a rock to his head, didn`t remember anything else but the games rules and tactics. Even thinking to be undead helped to overlook the fact, that his players weren`t alive anymore. Yeah, he still ate tons of food and drank a hole lot of beer, but those are logical flaws that he simply didn`t mind being “undead”.


I created the team in a time when I had to deal with two personal losses. To sink into the hobby helped me deal with the situation of death at that time. Modelwise the team was created completely of leftovers, since I had so many spare parts flying around. The only miniature that isn`t converted is Ramtut, who`s a regular mummy in this team. Later on I added more players for all kinds of things. The starplayers  representing the ghoul J. Earlice and Setekh, a greenskin coach and an undead fan for the bleachers.


Alltogether I`m quite proud if this team and had a good time with it.