The Gruesome Toilers

Posted by Sturmjarl on 24th May 2018


This is my Necromantic Team, The Gruesome Toilers! Mostly 3rd Edition GW Undead with some subtle conversions. I prefer a cleaner, less-grim look to my Blood Bowl painting. With no “Big Guy” centerpiece, I highlighted the Mad Scientist , Dr. Madz Murkelson Coach and Igor, Zeppo (from Malifaux Games) as well as the 2 Flesh Golems (Vampire Wars by West Wind Games). Always loved the 2nd. Edition Wilhelm Chaney to use as a rostered Werewolf and IMPACT! miniatures Werewolf was a close enough humorous match as his teammate. Zombies have some head swaps (along with some magnetized Rotters  hands for when I build the Toilers’ cross-town Nurgle rivals,  The Gruesome Toxins. Yes, I have spent some time in Texas, lol).