3City Jackals

Elven Union. this is my second team, first one is converted Dark Elves but when I saw these Elven Union models I instantly fell in love and never looked back to my Dark Elves :). I realy enjoy the playstyle, even if they are fragile as paper. For the color shame i wanted something unique […]

Black Chasm Killers

Skaven team using the Willy Miniatures ratmen miniatures. One of the kickstarters I have been most excited about and the models came through really well. Pro painted by Minotaur Painting Studio, who I think did a great job in capturing the request to have them look like the box art. That Rat Ogre is huge! […]

Fester Spike Fever

Underworld team! Goblins are the Scarcrag Snivellers from GW. The throwers are the Willy Miniatures big hand mutant and ‘#16 player’. The line rats are the Willy Miniatures two heads lineman and 2 heads star player. The blitzers are the Willy Miniatures mutant claw blitzer and the GoblinGuild Skull Devils barbarian ratskin. The troll in […]

Renaissance Undead

A mixed Khemri / Necromantic / Undead team, although I have not used any of these in a game yet so they are still lacking a proper name! Models are from the Greebo renaissance undead team that was a give-away at the World Cup in 2015, with a purchase of the extras to have it […]

Stavgard Sharks

My Norse team, the Stavgard Sharks. Models are from Rolljordan, and painted by Nippylongskar.  

Stirfahre Shamblers

My Necromantic team, the Stirfahre Shamblers. Confusingly named now that the Undead team has been changed to the Shambling Undead! Even more confusingly this team is a mixed Necromantic / Undead team, so it could be either. I like to base my team names on locations in the warhammer world, and Stirfahre is a town […]