Undead: Ostland Golden Vultures

The Ostland Golden Vultures were formerly known as the Bohsenfeld Ravens. When they died in a rockslide the necromancer “Mad” Dan didn`t want the “premium material” go to waste. But as he didn`t understand much of coaching, he had to hire another coach. Somebody who understood something about the game. Luckyly for him ex-player Durbuz, […]

New Albion Necromantics

Founded in Hamp, a dilapidated shire of Albion, by the necromancer Philip (aka Flip) Pinel. Flip trawled Albion for spare body parts and dug up the odd celebrity cemetery with the aim of befriending two renowned ghouls, Midge (aka Midge Ure) and Big G (aka Boy George), two ancient ‘artistes’, believed to be several thousand […]

Spineport Black Pox

A Blood Bowl playing ship crew from Clan Skurvy. The Skaven team is from Willy Miniatures with a subtle cutthroats look. Named after the infamous Skaven Clanship the “Black Pox”, I imagine them playing on a ramschakle raft so I’ve scratch built the planked bases. I’ve used a Dark Yellow/Brown/Offwhite color palette like the Clan’s heraldry.

Wonderland Wanderers – Necromantic

Alice in Wonderland themed Necromantic team.  Queen of Hearts – Werewolf Knave of Hearts – Werewolf Tweedledee and Tweedledum – Flesh Golems Alice and the White Rabbit – Ghouls Chess Piece Knights – Wights Cardmen of Diamonds – Zombies Cheshire Cat – Coach Mad Hatter – Necromancer Mad March Hare – Assistant Necromancer Flag bearers […]

Pieces of Ate – ogres

Pirate themed Ogre team.  And what’s better than pirates? Pirate Ninja’s – which is why my Brick and Grotty models are ninjas.   

North Estalian Nightwings

A vampire team I painted for my brother . unfortunatly I cant remember the brand of the miniatures but I really enjoyed doing them. He told me to leave the bases grey as he is going to do them himself to match his pitch 

The Cult of Twisted Fate

Always wanting to weave his influence into the actions of the mortals, Tzeentch has encouraged his disciples to take to the Blood Bowl field!  Taking inspiration from their fellow Chaos worshippers, the Daemons of Khorne teams, The Cult of Twisted Fate features a Chaos Spawn (Bloodthirster), two Enlightened (Heralds), four Tzaangor (Bloodletters) and various Acolytes […]

Breizh dwarves

This dwarves team is a mix of three brands: Games Workshop, SP Miniaturas and Avatars of War. The six blockers and the deathroller driver are conversions from the Dwarf hammerers Games Workshop. The two blitzers are conversions from the Dwarf ironbreakers Games Workshop. The runner and the deathroller come from SP Miniaturas. And the two […]

Carnaval Animals

This dark elves team is from Iron golems. Clothes and armors are painted in black and purple. I also painted a NMM old gold on the helmets and some parts of armors. These elves are very well detailed and easy to paint. I recommend them. More pictures on my Facebook page: Blackpainter Bloodbowl