Dubbel The Chaos

I know it is a love hate thing with the hats but I wanted these as a kid and could not get them so when Games Workshop re-released them I bought, painted them and played two seasons with these lunatics.  I named them after Belgian beers my favourite, Theophan the Recluse, great name for a […]

Bremerton Bubonics

The Mini Sorta Vikings teamed up with the Puyallup Pestillens to bring the Bremerton Bubonics to the field. This team came about mostly because I wanted to see how mutated I could get a troll using a GW troll, along with a Blackhide wrastler arm from Hordes: Minions warbeast, with horns and tentacles created from […]

Mahogany Maulers

I don’t know many people who like elves, I personally don’t. So I decided if I was going to play around with elves they at least needed to not look the part, so here is my take on Woodelves, using Dryads

Puyallup Pestillens

After having lost to Skaven in my very first season playoffs, I decided if you can’t beat them, join them! This was well before I was able to complete a goblin team however

Tacoma Typhoids

My Nurgle team using the usual suspects, the Blightkings along with the Daemons of Nurgle box to create Pestigors and Rotters, the Rotters being Nurglings, then I used the new beast of Nurgle to replace my custom Blightdrone

Koopa’s Killers

Super Mario inspired Lizardman team that I made using Super Dungeon Explore figures, with each position color coded by shell

The Tacoma Terror

A Blood Bowl playing ship crew from Clan Skurvy. The Skaven team is from Willy Miniatures with a subtle cutthroats look. Named after the infamous Skaven Clanship the \\\”Black Pox\\\”, I imagine them playing on a ramschakle raft so I\\\’ve scratch built the planked bases. I\\\’ve used a Dark Yellow/Brown/Offwhite color palette like the Clan\\\’s heraldry.

The Mini Sorta Vikings

    My main team, the Mini Sorta Vikings, while having made an organizational change from the Chicago Smears/Cincinnati Bungholes, remain my favorite team and maintain their above .500 season average in their second season.

Oldhammer Ogres

 A team originating from the ogre stronghold of Oldhammer in the northern parts of the Dragon Back Mountains. They’re believed to be connected to the Blue Face orc tribe from the same area judging by their bluish warpaint but evil tongues whisper it’s pure plagiarism because of the Ogres complete lack of imagination. To be […]