Nurgles Nasty Boys

This is a team that I made entirely from different GW plastic kits. The kits were: Putrid Blight Knights Chaos Beastmen Poxwalkers Blood Bowl Humans Blood Bowl Orcs Nurglings Shattered Realms bases

Lake Ivanhoe Valkyries

After almost 30 years of playing Blood Bowl, This is my oldest and most used team.  Back before there was many choices for 2nd party non-GW figures, I was fortunate to get these Valkyrie figures directly from Phil Bowen WAY before IMPACT! Miniatures even existed.  There were initially only four poses, which were expanded by […]

The Gruesome Toilers

This is my Necromantic Team, The Gruesome Toilers! Mostly 3rd Edition GW Undead with some subtle conversions. I prefer a cleaner, less-grim look to my Blood Bowl painting. With no “Big Guy” centerpiece, I highlighted the Mad Scientist , Dr. Madz Murkelson Coach and Igor, Zeppo (from Malifaux Games) as well as the 2 Flesh […]

Underworld: Skycastle Titans

+++ FLUFF +++   The Skycastle Titans originally were an ogre team, but unpaid debts to Greasus Goldtooth led to a mysterious overnight diasappearence of the entire ogre members of the team. At that point the team would`ve almost folded, as the greenskin players weren`t left with enough players to compete…or to protect their lives. […]

Greater Western Skavenblight

Some say that they’re a plastic franchise. Others decry the expensive stars drafted to run with the new kids. And although their detractors say that underneath the bright, flaming orange they’re just a bunch of filthy rats, they’re in with as much chance of stealing the silverware as anyone else…

The Armoured Armadillos

The Armadillo’s have been through high and lows in their 25 years of existence – table toppers, relegated and all places inbetween but one thing has remained true… The Coach’s dedication to them! The team has been repainted with each release of the game and now stands proudly once again on the pitch Below is […]

Dagtoof’s Death Dealerz

May I introduce my Orc team, The Dagtoof Death Dealerz. These are the first team I have painted for the new edition of bloodbowl and I’m loving the new rendition of the game, so wanted to do the paintwork justice. I have tried to achieve that Orcish battle scarred armour look. Excellent models and a […]