The Tenochtitlan Titans

The Titans were formed in 2511 and in their debut season took the title of the NCDL in deepest Naggaroth. After a spell in semi retirement they have recently reformed and are competing in the Brighton Blood Bowl League (BriBBe). The team is the standard 3rd ed. GW Lizardmen team with some minor conversions to […]

Avelorn Avengers

Ahead of their inaugural season in the Dragon Bowl League, the Avelorn Avengers of Ulthuan. Knowing that – however violent and brutal they may be – they’ll still be seen as ‘kin elves, so they’ve fully embraced their feminine side and stitched flowers all over their cloaks. Made using the GW Shadow Warriors box and […]

The Mighty Nu Ork Jetz!

Introducing my Mighty Nu Ork Jetz! The formidable Gang Green Titans went unbeaten in their first regular season only to lose to those tricksy Wood Elves in the Championship Game 3-2. The Captain Shredder has promised revenge for the Jetz faithful next season, swearing that even if they dont win the championship, he will come […]

Spleen Way Snackers

The previous world cup team surely need no further introduction! Oh, OK. Greebo made this amazing team for the world cup, and have since produced a whole range in this very characterful theme. I never get tired of seeing the vast range of colour schemes people come up with for this great sculpts!

The Bearded Bullies – Dwarf Iron Golems team

The Bearded Bullies are a squad of dwarves sculpted by Pedro Ramos, via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Most of the models are single sculpt and nicely detailed. I\’m particularly happy with the Troll Slayer\’s skin tones, and the off-white and white highlights were a real challenge to get right. I don\’t have an airbrush, […]

Wyssanland Wolverines

A human team painted quickly to get ’em on the table top. Models from black scorpion.  Except Helmut Wulf, who’s from Willy. Yes, there are 3 catchers. Because human catchers are good! 😉


Devotees of pappa nurgle, from meiko except for the beast who is from Willy. Oh, and the zombie cheerleaders from wyrd miniatures (who have a disturbingly large range of pretty zombie girls…)

Saphery Seahawks

An elf team made from (heavily converted) GW minis. Bodies and legs are mostly from the eldar harlequins, whilst arms are from dark eldar wytches, harlequins and anywhere else I could scavenge them up. Heads are from Maxmini. Meanwhile, the only unconverted mini on the team is a bit of extra blodging muscle in the […]

Odins sønn

Hi, this norse team  is composed of several brands. There is the original Norses team of GW,  two ulfwerners of Pedro Ramos. One runner from Impact Miniatures. The Snow Troll is a conversion from GW\\\’s Mordor troll.