New Albion Necromantics

Posted by Eupraelia on 16th May 2018


Founded in Hamp, a dilapidated shire of Albion, by the necromancer Philip (aka Flip) Pinel. Flip trawled Albion for spare body parts and dug up the odd celebrity cemetery with the aim of befriending two renowned ghouls, Midge (aka Midge Ure) and Big G (aka Boy George), two ancient ‘artistes’, believed to be several thousand years old and who have so far refused to die. Flip bound them to his service by getting them to sign an SowKnee contract which stated he said he would act as their agent, promoter and master until their final demise. Together they went on to search out and put together, in some cases literally, a team made from some of the biggest names in New Romantic synth music. It is unsure why Flip sought out Midge and Big G and picked only new romantic singers for a blood bowl team but some hypothesise it may be due to an ancient tome he unearthed describing New Romantic bands as “eerie, sterile, and vaguely menacing” in other words almost perfect undead Blood bowl players. Steve Strange and Rusty Egan are Flip’s experiments in mixed species golems; they have arms from a snow troll, a normal troll and an ogre, their torsos are a mix of humans, orc and one unfortunate goblin on Steves right shoulder. Marylin and Roxy are a pair of stylish Wights who love nice dresses and trip over a lot. The younger team members, the werewolves, were always going to be an issue, Flip explored the more violent pubs in the ancient town of Farnhambone, the two final choices ‘Fiery’ Eric ‘the Violent’ and ‘Mental’ Brian ‘the terror of Frimlie’, were eventually persuaded, by Flip and the promise of a contract with a major dog biscuit franchise, to change their names to Ultravox and Bowie to fit in with the rest of the team.