The Malediction

This is the full Greebo Obsidian Dusk team, expertly painted by Paul at Griffin Painting ( )   This was designed as a mixed team allowing you to play all 4 brands of Elves. I asked for a colour scheme that would have a single base that worked no matter the combination, and so we […]

Ghrond Tower Magiks

This is my all females team from Sukubus Studio miniatures. They are the football team of Morathi’s Tower of Profecy in the Ghrond city, where the Dark Elves Sorceresses are trained.  the Pitch is a resin one, painted with the North Tower logo made by Caste Art an italian company making some premium Fantasy Football accessories, pitch and […]

The Itchy Knee

I loved the models for this team as soon as I saw them, especially the goblins. I knew that I wanted the goblins and troll to have red skin and off white clothes and I liked the idea of switching those colours for the skaven. A few details in white and others in light brown […]

The Mannesfeld Stags – Painting Competiton 2018

The Mannesfeld Stags are my very first Bloodbowl team and foray into the game. The colours were inspired by my wife’s favourite football team, Mansfield Town FC, who sport a kit of golden/amber yellow and navy blue. This was achieved by establishing the yellow first with an airbrush and locking it in before starting to […]

The Jade Raptors

Probably my most used and most travelled team (having played tournaments in three countries – the US, UK and Netherlands) the Jade Raptors have served me well (except for those awful dice during World Cup II…).  GW Amazon figures with a bit of an experiment on different skin tones.

Dark Star Barak Varr

The sea faring Dwarves of Barak Varr like their beer, in fact its integral to their match preparation! Here is my 2nd ed. Dwarf Team, still waiting for another run at a season since their debut outing several years ago where they helped me reach the ECBBL playoffs for the first time. 

Chapultepec Celestials

My Current favourite team, my Slann of the Chapultepec Celestials. I think is possible to love and hate at the same time. I love playing Slann, I hate playing Slann, I can’t stop myself playing Slann… Recently active at Thrudball 2017 and the Brighton Block 2. The minis are Impact! Calasain parts with GW Kroot […]

The Dark Judges

  A GW Vampire Team, The Dark Judges have only had one tournament outing at the appropriately named STABB cup. Really enjoyed painting this team.